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A sampling of silhouette paintings in watercolor


watercolor on mulberry paper


Assorted animal paintings

Letting go Gracefully

Watercolor of 3 autumn leaves on Aquari paper

Heron + Frog

pen+ink illustration for a modern day fable by Gillian Kingsland


original watercolor painting

Greek island goats

pen+ink colouring book style illustration created for a local taverna 2017

mixed media

details from 4 mixed media images

acrylic sample

acrylic and mixed media work


water-based media on toned Khadi paper - illustration of a Victor Hugo quote

Taverna Mira Colouring Pages

two montages hand-drawn in pen+ink as colouring pages for a local taverna 2017

zoo story

watercolour illustration used to promote a day-long art making event at the San Diego Zoo in 2005.

kitchen items

pen+ink spot illustrations created for *House Wisdom* by Jackie Roberts 2016

MARGIN - a tiny book

MARGIN - a tiny book

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