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An Imperfect Dragon

A week ago I posted about my dragon painting adventures and today, having declared this particular iteration of the dragon complete, I wanted to share some more thoughts about process, perfectionism and purpose.

This dragon makes me both happy and unhappy. It depends upon which part of my brain is in charge at the moment I view it.

The Perfectionist part of my brain, home to my inner critic, is NOT happy. I made some errors in scaling up from the original drawing and, as is always the case in scaling up, the flaws in the original drawing were also magnified. I made some corrections to the wings and the head and totally missed the awkwardness around the foreground leg. Why am I sharing this? Partly to stand up to my inner critic (and beat outer critics to the punch, if I'm really honest) and partly because I really like this imperfect dragon.

The Artist part of me likes her attitude. I like the overall impact , the movement, the play of color. I like the abstract amethyst background, which took so many layers I lost count. I like the water, her claws and scales and the one wing I got just right (I'll let you decide for yourself which one that is). She isn't perfect and that's just fine, it gives me a great excuse to paint her again in the future.

#dragons #process

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